To Meeps from her foolish parents…

June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dear littlest one in the household,

I want to write a humble apology to you, which you can view later, upon learning to read.  You have two parents who love you to smithereens, but also make ridiculous decisions as they stumble along and learn on the job.  I want to apologize for a few things from this past 13 months.  Here goes!

1.  We’re sorry we didn’t keep you warm enough when you were just a few weeks old.  You were a little under 5 lbs, and crying.  To solve this crying fiasco, we offered you everything – a diaper check, some milk, a pacifier, a nap…everything but a couple more layers of clothing.  Only when Auntie Lily made a comment on a posted photo of you and your dad – where he was wrapped in a down blanket sleeping on the ground next to you (wearing a diaper and a short sleeve shirt), did we realize our foolishness.  Now that you’re older and probably much warmer, you probably think I over-dress you – three layers under your sweatshirt + socks and shoes.

2.  We’re sorry that we tried to take prints of your hands and feet when you were just a week old – using pink paint.  Between your screaming and the pink paint everywhere, we realized the folly of that one pretty quickly.  (By the way, it was my idea, not your dad’s.)  Thanks to Auntie Jenn who brought over that clay imprint kit when you were two weeks old – it was way less traumatic.

3.  We’re sorry that in the beginning, we didn’t give you a bath for over a week, and you smelled like cheese.  Thanks to Auntie Erica for being horrified.  After that you were carefully washed every other day until you started getting messy with the milk and made it every day!

That’s what I can think of right now.  I’m sure there’s more.  In writing this, my hope for you is that you will be able to humbly admit when you’re wrong and that you’ll know that we, your parents, don’t always have all the right answers.  But we LOVE you so much, little one!  We’re thankful that the Lord allows us to laugh about our mistakes and continue to learn.  Blessings to you!



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