Waltke in Canada

July 6, 2006 § Leave a comment

So far class has been really amazing.  Tomorrow is the last day that we will be in lecture.  Bruce Waltke is such a profound thinker.  What does it take to come to that?  It appears to me that he has been stewing and marinating in the Word of God for decades, and much of it comes from that.  Amazing.

Yesterday morning, J and I went to pick up Vanderveen in Richmond.  He commenced to show us around parts of Vancouver.  We went to Gastown, and then to Chinatown.  He told us that when Aaron was here, they had purchased a roast duck, and had eaten it in the park.  We did the same, and it was greasy and delicious.  Because of time, Vanderveen attended class with us, and got to say hi to his old friend Bruce.  So refreshing discussing the Word with people!


Waiting to hear Waltke

July 3, 2006 § Leave a comment

Sitting in a room at Regent College, in Vancouver waiting for a lecture by Bruce Waltke on the land in the New Testament.  So much to learn.  I love it here!

Settling in

June 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

We’re back!  Woo hoo!

It was so great to be in church yesterday and to sit and listen to Mike’s sermon.  He preached on God’s great and precious promises.  It was so good.  Just hearing all that Scripture reminded me of the kind of God we have, and the comfort He provides.

J and I are clearly home.  Our stuff in strewn everywhere.  We’re both people who long to be really neat and clean, but cannot help but slob around.  What’s the deal with that?

Kyoto Train Station

June 21, 2006 § Leave a comment

This afternoon, we took a bullet train from Shinjuku to Kyoto.  I spent most of the train ride working on Sudoku puzzles and eating.  J and I also watched part of Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King.  That movie is so epic!  It reminds me of the battle the world is going through now…which is not against flesh and blood (see Ephesians).

Our hotel is right above the Kyoto train station.  Tonight, J and I sat on the stairs and just chilled out, after dinner with his parents.  It was so relaxing.  Many people were sitting out there.  This is a picture of Jason near one of the escalators in the station.  Can you see him?  I took it from where we were sitting on the stairs.  Why isn’t BART this beautiful?

Japanese Stationery Rocks

June 20, 2006 § Leave a comment

We’re now in Shinjuku, Japan.  The food is awesome.  This morning we went to a famous fish market, and had the best sashimi I’ve ever had…EVER!  I was eating very slowly in order to savor the experience.

Yesterday J and I met up with Wendy and her brother.  She showed us some great places (to buy really great pens).  We ate very well, and even had flavored french fries.  We went to Snoopyland, and to a very cool stationary store.  It was great to catch up with an old friend.  🙂

Even though I rarely see any public trash cans, Japan is oddly one of the most clean places I’ve ever experienced.  I have not seen any graffiti, and there is rarely a piece of litter on the ground.  Wow!

But if you know me, I’m a home-body…so although I’m having a great time, I will be glad to come home to my own foggy (hopefully) San Francisco, and to familiar friends and family.

Tomorrow we head out from the Tokyo area to Kyoto.

Note:  I feel a little helpless being unable to communicate.  Whenever J and I purchase something, the cashier says all these things in Japanese, and all we can manage is some weak little head nod and awkward walking away.

Note 2:  They have SPAM!

Another School Year Gone By

June 11, 2006 § Leave a comment

School ended Friday….  I was sad to see the kids go, but relieved that we made it through the year.  God is good.  My technology-savy kids made slideshows that we watched on the last day of school.  I will miss them.

Saturday morning hopped on a plane with J’s family.  Now we are in Taiwan.  After sleeping 10 hours, I’m feeling really good and relaxed.

Christmas Hope

December 29, 2005 § Leave a comment

Great Christmas.  Went to Disneyland with J’s family, which was awesome.  We had a lot of good laughs.  I couldn’t believe how warm it was.  Winter in LA.  Now I see why my SoCal friends have a hard time adjusting to SF.

Family Christmas in Hercules was a lot of fun.  The second annual game of two-tower Jenga was great.  I was most impressed with my grandpa’s steady hand in the game.

Still enjoying a few more days of rest before school starts up again.  I think one of the best presents I received from my students was a plastic trophy that said “Winner” on it.  Oh yeah!

God reminded me of Christmas’s real meaning on Christmas Eve.  I was suddenly struck with how I got so consumed with buying gifts and playing that I had forgotten.  We were once in darkness, and Christ was born, Emmanuel, God with us.  So hopeful.

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