A really good Saturday in SF…

April 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

We had a really good Saturday in our own city.  In the morning, steamed up some kale (which I had never heard of before, but was told I should feed m…) – I love getting stuff done!  After, headed down to the Ferry Building and walked around the Farmer’s Market.  So many good things about it.

m was in the ergo, and fell asleep snuggled with J.  Cute.
The sun was shining.
We shared an Acme ham and cheese croissant, and then a Taylor’s Refresher burger.
Free samples.

Then it was home so m could nap and we could chill out.  Hung out for dinner with friends.  It just really felt like a Saturday.


Japanese Stationery Rocks

June 20, 2006 § Leave a comment

We’re now in Shinjuku, Japan.  The food is awesome.  This morning we went to a famous fish market, and had the best sashimi I’ve ever had…EVER!  I was eating very slowly in order to savor the experience.

Yesterday J and I met up with Wendy and her brother.  She showed us some great places (to buy really great pens).  We ate very well, and even had flavored french fries.  We went to Snoopyland, and to a very cool stationary store.  It was great to catch up with an old friend.  🙂

Even though I rarely see any public trash cans, Japan is oddly one of the most clean places I’ve ever experienced.  I have not seen any graffiti, and there is rarely a piece of litter on the ground.  Wow!

But if you know me, I’m a home-body…so although I’m having a great time, I will be glad to come home to my own foggy (hopefully) San Francisco, and to familiar friends and family.

Tomorrow we head out from the Tokyo area to Kyoto.

Note:  I feel a little helpless being unable to communicate.  Whenever J and I purchase something, the cashier says all these things in Japanese, and all we can manage is some weak little head nod and awkward walking away.

Note 2:  They have SPAM!


October 10, 2005 § Leave a comment

Entering the 7th week of school, and still having trouble getting up in the morning.  I am learning a lot in the 5th grade.  Since I teach at a Christian school, and can now point out Ur on a map for you.  I’ve also been informed that teaching PE is not just bringing the kids out for “free play”.  Good times.

I’ve been learning how to lay down rules and follow through with consequences better.  In a letter, one of my students wrote, “I see you’re learning the ways of the strict.  Good for you.”  Spurred on by his encouragement, I reinforced his observation by giving him a time out the next day.  Overall, good times.  The kids are really cool, and have many good and challenging questions.

Jase is now a couple weeks into his parttime seminary classes.  He comes home with his brain still spinning, and teaches me all kinds of cool stuff.  His internship at Baylight has been really cool, too.  It’s really cool to see him growing, and doing what he was meant to do.  We also began an SF Bible study, as part of Baylight.

The main realization in my life right now, is that I am a MESS, and that I need the saving hand of Christ.

Good Summer

July 21, 2005 § Leave a comment

I’ve been having a good summer.

On Sunday at lunch with our LTG, we were discussing panini makers.  After lunch, J and I headed to Macy’s, where we purchased one.  We said we would hold on to it, and “think about it”.

On Monday, Miriam and Minho came over.  J and I proceeded to rip open the packaging, and agressively begin grilling up sausages and paninis.  I love this machine!  (I hope it’s not like my very short-term love for the Ronco food dehydrator – gulp!)  Nothing like hearing your sandwich sizzle, and seeing it blacken.

On Tuesday, G, J, and I finished up our long game of RISK, Lord of the Rings Edition.  It was hard on J, because I take all of his battalion attacks personally.  “Why would you attack ME?  We’re MARRIED!”

On Wednesday, J, Aud, Andre, and I went river kayaking.  What a wonderful time we had.  J drove us forever until we got to a place called Gualala.  From there, we rented kayaks.  I must say, I loved the paddling around.  The river was very calm.  Today I am sunburnt, the proud new owner of 8 mosquito bites, and have sore shoulders.  So worth it.

Marriage has been good

March 12, 2005 § Leave a comment

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote. J told me that Pastor Mike SUBSCRIBES to my Xanga, so this has motivated me to post. 

Update on being married to J: it rocks. He loves cooking and making me laugh and having good conversations. I’m so blessed. The funny thing is that I’ve been sick the entire time that we’ve been married. This morning we were riding in the car, and I coughed out this mass of mucus (this is a frequent occurence). I showed J the tissue (which I always do), but today was one of the first times he’s actually looked at it in awhile. What a hubs!

So we’re settling in to being married. G is across the street, and Aud a few blocks away. I’m still in SF, and we are still rolling over to Baylight. Overall, I’m loving it. Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.

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