Drying parsley!

December 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Our parsley patch is a bit overrun these days. My cousin Jenn gave me a small packet of maybe 10 parsley seeds. Instead of putting them in the little pot they came with, I threw them into one of our planter boxes. After some negligence, they began to grow bushy and wild, choking out the green onions! Wow! What could I do with all that parsley? I took a big cutting to get the planter box under control.


After washing and patting dry my bushy green bouquet, I tore leaves from stems, and little m helped me lay them on the dehydrator’s drying trays.


The drying process took about half the day. Once the leaves were brittle and dry, I poured them onto a chopping board, chopping them with a knife and crunching them with my fingers.P1030071

I’m sure the parsley plants will quickly grow back what they lost on the chopping block, so I’ll have to do this again in a couple months. So far we’ve used the flakes in soups and on roasted potatoes. Yum! Now I’m curious about drying other herbs….


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