San Francisco sourdough!

February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

After years of having a glass jar of sourdough starter living in the fridge, we are finally finding a rhythm for baking bread. The goal is to make bread and crackers once a week. Our starter is clearly happier now that he is getting some attention, and is happily bubbling up just as he should.

The KitchenAid stand mixer is doing the bulk of the kneading, followed by some hand kneading by J. We keep our rising dough in the oven with no heat, overnight, to protect it from any drafts.

In the morning, J forms the dough into rounds.

Instead of proofing baskets, we have been using colanders for our two rounds. The colanders make the best little bumpy designs. Beautiful. I have been using kitchen shears to make the cuts in the bread – I haven’t figured out how to get our knives sharp enough to create those cuts.

The bread rises for about 5 more hours, and then I bake them, following The Cheese Board Collectives Works instructions involving misting the rounds, and twice pouring ice water in a roasting pan at the floor of the oven.

We are loving the results. It is incredible that this bread is made only of flour, salt, and water. Wow. We’ll see if we can keep it up!


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