Feeding our garbage to the wormies!

January 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

I posted recently about trying to find “green shapes” in my life – things that are wins on many fronts (example: biking is good for the earth, good for health, good for the soul – a green triangle). One green shape we put into place last month was that we set up a worm bin.

After seeing a worm bin in action at the little m’s rocking co-op preschool, I was inspired enough to actually have a worm bin. It was surprisingly pleasant – not smelly and gross like I had expected.

We did some research on then J began. He drilled a bunch of holes in a Rubbermaid bin we already owned, and sat it inside another.

Holes drilled around sides and top with 1/8" drill bit.

Into the bin went some great kitchen scraps – carrot peels, apple cores, some greens, along with some shredded cardboard and newspaper.

We purchased a pound of red wrigglers (you cannot use regular garden earthworms – they aren’t garbage dwellers) and loaded them into their new habitat.

Red worms purchased from Sloat Garden Center. That's J's hand holding them. I can't do it.

Our worms had a few troubles at first – we had some that didn’t make it. One of m’s preschool teachers gave me some ideas about what could be going on and loaned me a book called Worms Eat My Garbage. The worms needed more damp newspaper to balance things out.

Now, the worms are thriving. They are growing bigger and multiplying! We love that some of our food scraps will go back into the garden, building our soil. Happy worms, happy us, happy earth, happy plants…a win, win, win, win – a green rectangle!  WOO HOO!

Another win for the whole process is that the little m loves when we open up the bin and check on the worms. I hope my little ones continue to have that excitement and wonder over the amazing things in life. Things like worms eating garbage.


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