Living above my grandma

December 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Little m with her mom, her mom's mom, and her mom's mom's mom. 5/2008

After graduating from college, I moved to San Francisco with two dear friends. At the time, I was working towards my teaching credential at SF State. Since then I have lived in this same place, above my grandma. I appreciate living near her more and more. It was really exciting for all of us when little m was born in 2008. Then, my Pau-Pau also became a Tai-Pau.

Now, she lets me store my big, impossible-to-lug-up-the-stairs-with-two-kids double stroller in her flat. On non-rainy days, we will tromp down the front stairs, and let ourselves in. I call out, “Tai-pau?” And m copies me, “Tai-pau?” She will greet us with a big smile. We announce that we have come for the stroller. Sometimes she will sit and hold the O while I act as a spotter for the m as she climbs into her side of the stroller. (She is a big girl, and her favorite phrase as of late is, “No, I do it!”) Tai-pau will tell O, “Good boy” and smile at him, and he will do his best to coo at her and let her know he loves her, too. I strap the boy in, and then Tai-pau will say, “See you later” to which m replies, “Bye-bye!”

I once went down to get some milk from my grandma without m. When I came back upstairs, m was very upset with me, and demanded I take her to see Tai-Pau. So we went back down, and I explained what happened. My grandma was clearly pleased. Awhile back she offered m a banana when we came to visit. The next time we went down, m said, “I want a banana!” Now she gets one almost every time we visit.

Newborn O with two of his Bok-Bok and his Tai-Pau. 9/2010

Little m also loves visiting with her Bok-Bok and Bok-Gung, my other grandparents.  Bok-Bok (my grandma) always brings her little treats – breadsticks, crackers, and once a pair of beaded slippers (which she calls her shiny shoes).  A year ago at the family Thanksgiving meal, when m was a slower walker, she found her Bok-Bok’s golden-colored slippers and put them on.  She proceeded to carefully walk around in them, making the whole family crack up!

When I remember, I am thankful. I realize it is unique for my kids to grow up around three of their great grandparents, all four of their grandparents, lots of grand-aunties and grand-uncles (gruncles? New word?), aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends. Feeling rich with relationships this season.


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