Dabbling a bit off the grid…

July 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

I remarked to J the other day that this year we have started doing a few things off the grid here and there.  We ventured into breadmaking.  We planted a vegetable garden.  I started sewing clothes for m out of J’s old shirts.  We started meeting together in homes and coffeeshops as a church.  In my last post I lamented the ending of the City College Child Observation class that m and I went to daily.  The little m and I now have a regular schedule of meeting up with others in parks, at the library, etc.  Even without the class, a bunch of us will gather on Fridays in the same space, and bring our own toys to share.  I love it.  It’s definitely little things here and there, but life feels so different from what it was before.  I think the words for our family this past year have been sustainability and convergence.  I’ll try to post photos of some of our off the grid adventures soon.  🙂


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  • Renata says:

    Yeah!! You encourage me to keep pursuing what sometimes feels like a crazy dream, and you remind me that God’s kingdom is here, alive and well…and growing!! God is making all things new, even earth and the way we live here. Thanks for your partnership in the adventure!

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