The end of a season…

May 26, 2010 § 3 Comments

Tomorrow is the very last day of the City College Child Observation class I’ve been attending since Mia was around 16 months old.  We had heard about it, and knew it was a few blocks from home.  It took me awhile to get over there and try it out, but once I did, I was convinced of its awesomeness. Here are some of the reasons why the program completely rocks:

1.  It is FREE to participants.  I just love that City College has a value for making this class available to everyone at no charge.  It lowers the bar for who can attend, and speaks volumes to me about San Francisco being a merciful city.  Apparently it’s been around since the 60s.  LOVE IT!

2.  There is always a early child education teacher there, running the program, supervising, etc.  I learned so much from both teachers, mainly through observation, and asking lots of questions.  “What do I do when she does THIS!?”  The teacher also leads an awesome circle time, and I picked up lots of songs that m now sings on her own. Slippery fish, fire truck song, Old MacDonald, the popcorn song, etc, etc.

3.  It acts as a watering hole.  It’s such a natural gathering place for moms and dads and nannies and kids.  On sunny days, there might have been 60 people there.  Since our site included both indoor and outdoor space, there was room for everyone.  I found that just by going regularly, I became part of a special community of caregivers in the city.  I made some very good friends, and got great advice and encouragement when needed.  On this note, I just think there need to be more places like this – where people naturally gather regularly in the community.  Like Luke’s Diner in Gilmore Girls.

4.  Over time, the little m has become very comfortable there.  Kids and adults and activities are now familiar and like home for her.  She knows many of her friends’ names, and is much more independent when we are there.  She also became a little too comfortable eating other kids’ food.  Ooops.

5.  It runs each weekday morning, Monday through Friday, and m and I love it so much, we basically attend every day, rain or shine.  How awesome is that!  The morning just flew by.

So I am heartbroken that the park and rec department is leasing the building out to a private company.  This site of the program is shutting down, and moving to the City College campus.  It will no longer be a four-block stroller walk, but a 20 minute+ car ride.  We may not be able to go.

I told some of the moms that I’m going to go into mourning for awhile.  It’s definitely the end of a season.  And yet, I’m so grateful for the time m and I had there this past year.  Good bye, city college play group.  Little m and I will miss you!



§ 3 Responses to The end of a season…

  • Leslie says:

    Aw, this is sad. I’m mourning with you. I wonder what the Lord will do next. After all, life comes from death. So with the closing of this chapter I feel certain that there will be the opening of another one. Keep on pressing on, dear friend.

  • hg9 says:

    hi m, this is cathy hong. i totally felt the same way when i found out my local curves is closing next month. it was a “cheers” for me in many ways. a natural authentic community that was treasured is now lost. well, we can just hope to discover another community but it still will never be “the same”. I’m glad that you were able to bloom where He planted you for that season and that you can still maintain some friendships beyond the playgroup.

  • marciamallow says:

    Oh Cathy – I hope that some of that treasured community continues in another natural way. Thanks for your comment!

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