Update on the daughter and the garden…

March 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Update on little m.  Still under 20 lbs, a wild little ball of energy, m is getting very talkative.  Her longest sentence so far:  “m– love watch ELMO!”  She loves Sesame Street, and can name many of the characters.  My mom taped some episodes for her, which she watches over and over – allowing her to really pick up certain songs and words.  She now counts: one, two, six, se-nen, eight, nine, TEN, ‘leven, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen!

I sometimes take her downstairs to visit her great grandma.  Last time, my Pau-Pau asked her, “You want apple?”  Mia said, “Ba-nana!” and went over to the bananas to point to the one she wanted.

She loves stringed instruments, so we purchased her a cheap ukulele.  She drags it around the house, and will often sing while strumming it.  She invites me to join her little band, saying, “Mommy, drum-a?”  I am amazed that she will soon be two.  What a sweet, sweet season.  She is growing so quickly…

Speaking of growing so quickly, here is some news of the garden.  Went down today for a little weeding, and saw that there is actually broccoli is growing!   I could not believe it!  Check it out:

So THAT’S what broccoli looks like connected to a plant!  Amazing that what started as a tiny seed is now thriving!  Makes me think about what it means to sow seeds in every aspect of my life.


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