Real Simplifying…

February 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

I have been a subscriber of the magazine Real Simple.

A couple of years ago I purchased a book called Clutter Be Gone.

I devour these kinds of publications – ones that talk about cleaning up and clearing out and making space for life.  Once I met Google reader, I started digging up and subscribing to these sorts of blogs also.

Lately I’ve realized that simplifying isn’t just about organizing – it’s also about making life less complicated, and about getting back to the things that matter – God and people.

A couple of things that have helped with this as of late:

1.  J has been passionately selling off/clearing out extraneous books, camera gear, games, etc.  Instead of trying to re-Tetris storage spaces to fit more, we are now feeling that things can be put away without a lot of drama.

2.  We unplugged our TV antenna.  (Although we’re still watching dvds)

3.  Making space to read the Bible and to converse with God.

4.  I’m trying to make more efforts to connect with and listen to those who are willing to talk.  Mostly mamas and nannies at this point.

5.  I decided to donate Clutter Be Gone and to let my Real Simple subscription run out.  It’ll just be nice to live simply instead of reading so much about living simply.  I remember Kenneth mentioning that the book about clutter actually seemed rather visually cluttered.  Haha!

Lord, may I experience more of You and the freedom You want for me during this whole process!  AMEN!


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§ 2 Responses to Real Simplifying…

  • mikeandleslie says:

    THis is good stuff, Marcia. I’m with you. Just moving to Globe has created much more simplicity in our lives. BUt I do feel the temptation and pull to complicate things again. It’s like this tidal thing inside of me. But I do believe that our natural design is quite simple. I mean, Jesus himself boiled it down to two things, right? Love God and love people, just as you said. Now how we do that in our unique way and places of life is the clincher. I love watching how you are navigating these all-important questions. You guys are the real deal.

    I think this idea of simplicity is related to other things that i’ve been mulling over a bunch too. Our movement here lives by a mantra of authenticity, vulnerability and availability. It is very difficult to love in this triad of real relationship when life is complicated and cluttered. I find that if I just live by these three principles relationally, then life automatically must become more simple.

    Keep on writing and sharing. You inspire me.

    Love from Globe, Leslie

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