Learning to rest.

December 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Recently I had a revelation about myself.  I am truly terrible at resting.

Something deep in me loves to be incredibly productive.  I am a frantic multi-tasker, and have encouraged this in J as well.  When we have downtime, we turn to our ever-expanding checklists for some grand scheme.  Even as a kid, I would always have a project to work on while watching television, such as drawing.  Now the projects are knitting, folding laundry, or cleaning.

This past week I brought the little m out to visit my family.  As soon as I arrived, I announced to my brother that we would be cleaning up my old room a bit.  He groaned and pleaded that we not do this, but I would not be swayed.  I had been dreaming about this for days.  Being a good brother, he reluctantly joined me while m happily played with her grandparents.  We sorted and recycled and threw out and packed the closet.  It was so satisfying.  This love for productivity seems to have come from my mom.  She headed outside to quickly wash and wax my car.

I don’t think this trait is bad, but there also needs to be a time for rest.  More and more I am learning that I make myself busy – creating loads of little tasks that “must” get done.  There is a reason the Lord asks us to be still and also to honor the Sabbath.  We were made to work, but also to rest.  To remember the important things.  To remember Him.

J and I sat down and discussed all of this, and figured out what activities are truly restful for us.  We are going to try to build these into our lives – to live at a more sustainable pace for our family.  The other day that involved 20 minutes of sitting in the kitchen reading and sipping hot water.  Ahhhhhh.  Just those 20 minutes seemed to go a long way in affecting the rest of my night.  Thank You, Lord for making us this way.


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