Learning as I go…

November 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Alinna gave me sourdough starter awhile ago.  I tried to bake with him a couple times, and nothing.  Finally, after reading blogs on the topic, I realized that our place is cold, so it just takes longer for the starter to wake up.  Once he was awake, we had some success.  It was SO satisfying after the failed attempts.  Here’s J with the bagette he rolled.

It looked so REAL and tasted like the real thing!  SO satisfying.  And here are my English muffins:

Happy times.   And just when we wanted to be quitters.  🙂  We were a bit tired, so we popped the starter, whom we named Jim, back in the fridge for some hibernating.  But he’s coming out again soon.

On another note, the broccoli is growing!  I didn’t know because its patch was overtaken with clovers.  But once I realized what to look for, I was able to weed out all those clovers and give them a chance to grow.  Amazing.  So looks like we get to eat broccoli along with our fava beans sometime in the future!  Hopefully!



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