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October 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just finished reading Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben.  I found it to be powerful and paradigm-shifting.  We’ll see if these new thoughts are lasting.  The book also encouraged me to press on with little changes in my life.  Here are some small changes going on in our household:

We’re making our own bread.  We made these two loaves of bread, recipe courtesy of The Cheese Board Collective Works.  The recipe is for “plain and simple bread,” which is easy to make and tasty.  J also was pretty funny during the kneading process, throwing the dough in the air and doing various tricks.

JK4_2280We’ll see if we can keep up the making of our own bread for normal use.

I also was encouraged by a friend to sew some produce and bulk bags out of cotton, and to use those instead of the plastic ones.  I got the pattern from the book Sewing Green, by Betz White.

JK4_2302I may end up embroidering them or doing something creative, but for now, I like them plain.  We took them to Rainbow Grocery, and filled one with some flour, and one with some polenta, and another with a fresh bunch of kale.

I feel really blessed to have the space and time to do these things, and to enjoy spending time with my little one.  So much to think about.


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