Update on the littlest m…

September 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Although she isn’t yet walking on her own, there is a LOT of talking going on!  The little m now says the following:  up, apple, doggy, mama, dada, shoe, eyes

It’s amazing just hearing her communicate with us.  Beyond those words, she also does a few signs: all done (when she’s finished with her meal and wants out), more

We can make her laugh much more easily now, and really are just enjoying her so much!  We recently got her a bike seat to go on J’s bike, plus a helmet!

JK4_1640We also went out with J’s parents for dinner last night, and she sat in a restaurant high chair and ate lots of noodles.  It was so fun watching her try to pick up the noodles and get them into her mouth.  By the end she looked happy, and her face and hands were greasy and shiny.  Hilarious!


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