Welcoming lentils into our diets

August 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Because of all the eye-opening information I’ve been receiving lately, J and I have decided to try to sub in a meatless meal once in awhile.  Our first few attempts have all been with our new favorite – lentils.

Our relationship with lentils began when friends mentioned feeding their babies porridge following a recipe from the Super Baby Food book.  We borrowed the book from the library, and began making the little m super porridge – throw some rolled oats and some lentils in the Vitamix, then cook.  Each morning, the little m eats up super porridge mixed with kale.  It may sound kind of gross, but she loves it and can usually finish her bowl’s worth.

One day, we happened to flip the lentils bag over and BAM!  The nutrition facts are stellar.  0% fat, but 36% of your dietary fiber, plus 8 grams of protein.  WHOA!  What a powerhouse.  Besides all that, we got the bag containing 14 servings for $0.99.  Maybe besides serving it to our baby, it was time for us to get on board!

For the first try, I boiled up some lentils, and J and spooned some onto our plates and tried to eat them straight.  No thanks!

Since then, our efforts have been tastier:

First, Lentils Po Tofu (instead of Ma Po Tofu – ground meat out, lentils in).  Tasty and filling!

Lentils Curry, which got really thick and hearty.  We probably will have to water it down a lot more.  The little m ate the leftovers for several meals!

Carrot Lentil Casserole.  I found this recipe on the web, and we cooked it up and ate it last night.  This has been the best by far!

Carrot lentil casserole with sides of cabbage and cauliflower

Carrot lentil casserole with sides of cabbage and cauliflower

For us, the key has been to make small, manageable changes, as opposed to committing all things right away.  If anyone has recipe ideas with alternate sources of protein, I’m interested!


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