So much to process…

August 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Recently, Renata made a few suggestions I decide to follow up on: read Deep Economy by Bill McKibben, and watch the documentary King Corn.  Both were requested from the wonderful public library (where everything is FREE and then doesn’t become house clutter) and came in the following week.

I am continuing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

There is also the new nightly Kuo household ritual of watching Star Trek, The Next Generation, borrowed disk by disk from the library.

With all of this comes the inevitable: ideas swirling around and bumping into one another in chaotic fashion in my brain.  Connections being made.  The major theme that has come out of these ideas is that the world is a mess.

Even Star Trek has made me think about the state of the world.  It operates on the idea that in the future, humankind able to eradicate hunger, greed, and all world problems.  But is that the trajectory of our world?  Have we come steps closer to that utopian idea?  Yes, we have grown in our ability to mass produce food.  But there are people still dying daily from hunger.  After we finished watching King Corn, I turned to J and said, “Documentaries are depressing.”  This world is a mess.

And yet, there is genuine hope in Jesus.  How beautiful that we have a God who doesn’t just plan on junking this old worn-out world.  He promises to make all things new in His time.  Can’t wait to see what San Francisco-made-new will look like.  For now, I will seek to live in a way that honors God, in the little and the big things.

P.S.  Thanks to Renata and Esther and Eunhee and Alinna for offering me new and creative ways to live more responsibly.


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