Little m, not a baby anymore?

May 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

The other day I called my old friend (we went to preschool together) – I knew she was on maternity leave, and wanted to see if she needed some company while she waited for the baby.  She didn’t call back right away, but the next day she left me a message.  “I got your message.  I was a little busy yesterday, giving birth!”

So of course I call her back, a bit overenthusiastic, and ask if I can come visit.  I proceed to pack up the little m in her carrier, and we start walking to the hospital.  (Side note:  It’s about three long blocks away.  When I was expecting, I figured once it was time to go to the hospital, I would just walk over.  The doctor laughed.)

We arrive and immediately see one of the nurses that cared for us when m was born.  We pass by the nursery where all the littlest ones are wrapped in those classic blankets with the feet printed on them (you know which ones I mean).  We go in and see little Ayla.  She is beautiful and tiny and her little hand is snuggled near her face.  m looks like a massive giant next to her.  m is also squirming around, trying to get out of my arms and into the nice big plastic hospital bassinet.  Wow.

So sitting here now, I’m amazed.  My little m is not so tiny anymore.  She is not the newest baby anymore.  She has almost been out in the world for a year.  I cannot believe it.  She’s eating food, she doesn’t need to be tightly swaddled, or listen to Michael Jackson to calm down.  She laughs.  She pulls herself up to standing.  She crawls over to me and begs me to pick her up by tugging on my pant-legs.  It feels fast – like just a moment ago I was deliriously feeding her at three in the morning while watching P90x informercials and wondering if I would ever sleep again…and now she sleeps from 9 at night to 7:30 in the morning.  Amazing.  I love you little m.


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