She’s eleven months!

April 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

The kid is eleven months old now…which means that I’ve been a mama for eleven months.  I’m starting to forget the tough times of the beginning, as the little one is growing more and more independent, and seemingly less and less fussy.  It’s been a good season for us, and we’re in a nice and scheduled rhythm now.  I even had J write out a daily schedule that I kind of use as a guideline.  I love order.

On Monday we are going in for her weigh-in, to see if she managed to push out of the zero-th percentiles for both height and weight.  Sometimes I freak out about it, doing all kinds of comparisons…but right now I just feel very blessed to have my healthy, though somewhat miniature baby.

We had a family get together in Hercules this afternoon.  M loved the stairs – she climbed them twice.  We tried to teach her to go backwards down the stairs, but she likes to turn around and go down head first.  Hmmmm….


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