The Adventure continues…

June 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Who knew it would be so hard for J to give the little marsupial the bottle.  She flat out refuses to drink from it.  Today he tried dripping little drops of milk into her mouth and begging her to swallow.  She would let it sit in her mouth, and then stubbornly spew it all up.  Wow.  I turned to J and asked, “Whose daughter is that?”  After an hour-long match between them, the little one was declared the winner of the battle yet again.  This is not over.  J put her down in her crib, and left for Page Street center, defeated.

Five minutes later I hear sobbing.  I go over and pick her up, and start walking around with her.  Huge poop that comes in three waves.  I wait it out, and then go to change her.  The poop, of course, is a record-breaker – and managed to ooze out of the diaper onto her onesie AND blanket.  She showed us who was boss.  I decided I would brave the bathing her alone.  Never did it before, but she got the poop in between her toes.  I had to act.  I managed to get most of her stored up neck-fold jam out and scrubbed her down while she sobbed and kicked.

Now she is all clean and cuddly, asleep in my arms while I type one-handed.  I love her!


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