Fifth grade, year 2

October 7, 2006 § Leave a comment

Thanks for your fifth grade memories!  I don’t think I’ll do class pets this year, seeing as my hermit crabs from third grade all died and weren’t terribly interesting.  I know I should get something furry or fuzzy as a pet for the class…but things die under my “care”.

I’m really enjoying my second year of fifth grade.  Not only are my students this year really great, but I still get to see my students from last year, wandering around as Middle School kids!  These ex-students will drop by and visit my classroom, complaining about certain things that I have now that we didn’t have last year.  “Why is there so much color on the wall?  WE didn’t have that must color on the wall!” to which I shrug my shoulders and say, “I was new to this site.  It doesn’t mean I liked you less.”  I have the same boy from last year telling me random riddles that I can never solve.

Someone left a copy of Bay Area Parent on my desk.  I have never read the publication, mostly because I am not a parent.  I thumbed through it and one article caught my attention.  Title:  How to Teach Kids Self-Control in a World That Screams ‘Now!’ The article spoke of how often these days kids will wear down their parents with whining until they get what they want.  I noticed that my students really enjoy whining as well.  The article spoke of how self-discipline is a learned skill, and must be practiced in this instant-gratification society.  Just some food for thought.  I mean, J and I can’t even sit still for very long.  We want fast internet, quickly microwaved food, etc.

To practice, I had my students sit still for one minute in silence after recess, with their hands folded.  It took some practice.  There was a lot of picking at facing, reading, eyes darting around, wiggling, etc.  I have also been trying to point out that sometimes school is not fun.  Sometimes it is very hard work, and you need to put in the effort, and turn your brains on and wrestle to understand.  We’ll see how this year goes.



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