Fifth Grade Camp

May 21, 2006 § Leave a comment

Three more weeks of school!  After June 9th, my fifth graders will be moving on to middle school.  It has been a tiring, yet good year.

In the first week of May, the fifth grade classes went camping, two classes at a time.  I was very nervous ALL YEAR about this trip.  Riding horses?  Sleeping outdoors?  No showers?  Hmmmm….

Fortunately, I was going with a veteran 5th grade teacher, who showed me the ropes, and helped me along.  It ended up being a great time of chilling with the kids, and just being outdoors.  We went Horseback riding, made kites, made ice cream, decorated t-shirts, had devotions and quiet times, sang songs, and fed them lots of sugar right before bed (s’mores, etc).

My trusty J came for part of the time.  Two groups of boys from my class offered J a place in their tents.  The first tent had clothes and other various items spilling out of open duffel bags.  The second tent looked packed, but a little neater.  J seemed doubtful, but the boys assured him there was plenty of room.  They shoved his sleeping bag in between theirs and insisted he stay.  That night, J woke up to the sounds of snoring fifth graders, all comfortably snuggled around him.  Fifth graders can be so cool!

God is good.



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