Stewardship and Fake Money

January 12, 2006 § Leave a comment

Starting right after the Christmas break, I began a little money system in the classroom.  I printed all this Monopoly-like Mrs. Marcia money, and created sets of checks for each kid, as well as a checkbook balance sheet.  I announced that each child would pay rent for his or her seat (I got this all from a book), and that each child would have a job which would earn a monthly wage.  (There are janitors, bankers, graders, line monitors, an attendance taker, a prayer/pledge/announcements monitor, and more).

The kids were thrilled.  Bonus $100 for each A+ test.  Bonus for having no behavior issues.  Penalties for various infractions – talking out at the wrong times, rudeness, etc.

I quickly noticed something take over the room.  Full-blown GREED.  “Will anyone do this for me…” (2 hands raised) “…for $10?” (all hands raised and kids out of their seats).  Hmmmm.  We pondered as a class if this was a great idea, or if GREED would run us.  I decided we would give it a try.

Immediately kids began opening their own businesses, complete with little signs that read “Open”.  I shut down one shady business where kids were promised all of their homework done for $600.00.  A few pluses so far, the classroom is cleaner, and the kids are more well-behaved.

Fortunately, in LTG (Life Transformation Group, a Baylight Bible study), we studied stewardship last week.  God reminded me that all these things that I have been hoarding, are really His.  My life is not about accumulating as much as possible.  Things will pass away.  It was a great reminder.  I took the study notes from J and brought them to class to work through with the kids.  It has been great this year getting to talk with the fifth graders about real issues, and to break down what life is all about.  God is so good.



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