Crafting and Exodus

November 17, 2005 § Leave a comment

Thanks for the great crafty ideas from childhood.  Macaroni sounds like a good way to go.  I will continue formulating what can be done most cheaply.  One thing project we are going to do is sew felt stockings.  We’ll see what a hazard that will be.  “Mrs. Marcia…I lost my needle.”

Today I assigned a project based on the book of Exodus, which we loosely covered in one class period (since they’ve read it over every year).  The kids could partner up or work alone (I remember hating group work as a kid), and are to create a newspaper depicting the newsworthy events of Exodus.  Two boys who are constantly creating their own projects teamed up and immediately set to work.  When I went to check on them, one told me that they had already planned out what they were doing, and that each of them had “seven tasks”.  Where do all these cool little personality quirks come from?

A co-worker taught me to write down various “biblical truths”, and tack them up on the classroom walls so the kids could think about them.  We have already put up “All have sinned”, and “God is the Intelligent Designer”, along with several others.  It’s pretty neat seeing how the kids can see where God’s truth contradicts the world.


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