Letters to Mrs. Marcia

November 3, 2005 § Leave a comment

Another 5th grade teacher gave me this cool idea to write letters to my students, and have them respond.  So every Monday, each child writes in his or her “Letters to Mrs. Marcia” notebook.  I sneak in moments here and there all week reading them and responding.  It was there that one student remarked that I was “learning the ways of the strict.”

Something the same student wrote recently made me stop and think:

Lately in school the meaner you are the more popular you are.  When you are popular you get to treat lame people like garbage.  I don’t know why they are popular.  Why do people like mean people?  The world may never know.

Do you agree or disagree?  The meaner you are, the more popular you are?  It just got me thinking about the backwards-ness of this world we live in.

This has been parent-teacher conference week.  After school, I had seven conferences in a row.  Meeting with parents, I get a glimpse of where my students obtain certain mannerisms and ways of being.  Exhausting week.  I’m liking the class.



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