October 10, 2005 § Leave a comment

Entering the 7th week of school, and still having trouble getting up in the morning.  I am learning a lot in the 5th grade.  Since I teach at a Christian school, and can now point out Ur on a map for you.  I’ve also been informed that teaching PE is not just bringing the kids out for “free play”.  Good times.

I’ve been learning how to lay down rules and follow through with consequences better.  In a letter, one of my students wrote, “I see you’re learning the ways of the strict.  Good for you.”  Spurred on by his encouragement, I reinforced his observation by giving him a time out the next day.  Overall, good times.  The kids are really cool, and have many good and challenging questions.

Jase is now a couple weeks into his parttime seminary classes.  He comes home with his brain still spinning, and teaches me all kinds of cool stuff.  His internship at Baylight has been really cool, too.  It’s really cool to see him growing, and doing what he was meant to do.  We also began an SF Bible study, as part of Baylight.

The main realization in my life right now, is that I am a MESS, and that I need the saving hand of Christ.


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