Jesus is Everything

August 11, 2005 § Leave a comment

Summer is almost over.

After being at home for awhile, relaxing, enjoying time with J, seeing friends, and ORGANIZING (my secret love), I am about to begin another school year.

J and Law went in with me on Monday to move things around and set up my new classroom. Everytime I do massive cleanup or moving, I realize that I own more stuff than most, and that it is time to throw everything away. Oh man.

To prepare for the school year, I’ve been trying to read through the books we’ll be reading in 5th grade. I just finished a novel about Lottie Moon, a missionary woman who spent most of her life in China. Towards the end, when home support wasn’t sending enough funds, she started giving away her own meals, until she was only 50 pounds. On her way back to the US (so that she could recover), she passed away, singing Jesus Loves Me. They found that the trunk she was traveling with was empty. She had given all things for the Lord. He was her treasure.

I want to know Christ.


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