Good Summer

July 21, 2005 § Leave a comment

I’ve been having a good summer.

On Sunday at lunch with our LTG, we were discussing panini makers.  After lunch, J and I headed to Macy’s, where we purchased one.  We said we would hold on to it, and “think about it”.

On Monday, Miriam and Minho came over.  J and I proceeded to rip open the packaging, and agressively begin grilling up sausages and paninis.  I love this machine!  (I hope it’s not like my very short-term love for the Ronco food dehydrator – gulp!)  Nothing like hearing your sandwich sizzle, and seeing it blacken.

On Tuesday, G, J, and I finished up our long game of RISK, Lord of the Rings Edition.  It was hard on J, because I take all of his battalion attacks personally.  “Why would you attack ME?  We’re MARRIED!”

On Wednesday, J, Aud, Andre, and I went river kayaking.  What a wonderful time we had.  J drove us forever until we got to a place called Gualala.  From there, we rented kayaks.  I must say, I loved the paddling around.  The river was very calm.  Today I am sunburnt, the proud new owner of 8 mosquito bites, and have sore shoulders.  So worth it.


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