Summer break!!!

June 14, 2005 § Leave a comment

J woke me up 3 times this morning so that I could get him to the Caltrain station.  The last of those 3, he said, “We’ve gotta leave in 2 minutes” to which I replied, “Why didn’t you wake me up before?”  Heh heh.

Today my friend Lily and I went for a “walk”.  I thought it would be nice to get a little exercise (very rare…I’m usually a bump on a log).  She suggested we walk to Cliff House from my place.  Over 80 San Francisco blocks roundtrip.  It was both relaxing and exhausting.  What a difference it makes to have a buddy, amen?

Spent the morning rereading my notes from the past four sermons at church on the book of Revelation.  A few things I was reminded of:

1.  Jesus is not some mere wimp…He is an awesome saving God, supreme over life and death

2.  Not only is right belief important, but also having the right heart to know God.

3.  I am to value God, and not all these things in this world.

4.  I must evaluate my relationship with the world, and be set apart from it.

Exercised my spirit and my legs.  Great day to be alive.



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