Change is coming

November 24, 2004 § Leave a comment

I always tell people that I love teaching.  And when I say it, I mean it.  But it’s interesting how sometimes I see the ugliest parts of me come out during the school day.  My impatience and frustration, the things I hear myself say… I’m reminded that I cannot do things on my own strength.

Countdown to the wedding continues.  But somehow it feels like there are 500 things going on in between now and January 8th.  Aud moved out , and G is moving in a couple weeks .  There will be a time of living on my own, which I never have been great at.  But Aud reminded me that we need to turn our times of loneliness into good solitude.

I’m hoping that I will be intentional in preparing my heart, and really thinking about what God wants to do with me and J.

And shout outs to Jason who is so patient and kind.  AND he makes fabulous pot pie.  What a catch!  And what’s even better…we have another session of premarital counseling on Friday, and I  counseling with our pastors Mike and Leslie!  They continue to teach me what it means to seek after God.  It has been such a blessing being at Baylight.



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