A taste of my own medicine

November 16, 2004 § Leave a comment

J and I are switching places.  Now HE is feeling more anxious about wedding details, and I feel reeeelaaaaxxxeed.  Ahhhh. It just reminds me how well we fit.  We balance each other out.  I’m so excited for what God has in store for us.  So hang in there J.  I  yoo!

On another note, I’m SO glad that my old roommates Aud and G will be so close still.  G across the street, Aud a couple blocks away.  All within walking distance.  Feels like college.  G and I always say the biggest mistake we made was graduating and leaving college!  And speaking of G…she just called and said she’s going to be at work until a little past midnight.  WHOA!  Hang in there bud!

I actually woke up to my 3 alarms this morning!  WAHOO! Being late yesterday serves me right – I was lecturing kids at school about going to bed on time.  Hmmmm.  I have tasted my own medicine, and it is BITTER!  (Phoebe, on an episode of Friends).


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